Finding Faith: ‘Just reach out’

Captain Holly Johnson

My five-year-old daughter, Livvy started kindergarten this past fall. For a time, I would walk her into school and help her get settled into her classroom. We would get out of the van, get her things together, and she would reach out her hand for me to take it. She knows Momma and Daddy’s rule to take one of our hands. Does she always reach out her hand when she should? Nope. In fact, many times she resists and tries to walk ahead of us just to show that she can do it without our hands; that she can do it without our help.

Recently, Livvy told me that I didn’t have to walk her into class anymore because she was a big girl and she wanted to go in by herself. My heart sank, but I pulled up to the kindergarten entrance and watched her go in by herself. I held it together until I knew she made it through the door, then I cried on the way to work afterwards as I thought, “She doesn’t need Momma to walk her in anymore.”

This past week we pulled up to school and as I was about to open Livvy’s door, she asked, “Momma, could you walk me into school today?” My response was and always will be, “Of course I can!” Even when she thinks she doesn’t need me, even when she refuses to reach out for my hand, even when she thinks she can walk alone, I will always be there for her, love her, protect her, and I will always be her Momma no matter what.

One of my favorite songs is titled, “Just reach out” by the band Petra. Their songs are “Oldies, but goodies.” Some of the lyrics read, “Just reach out, and He’ll reach in. Take your broken heart and make it whole again. It don’t matter who you are, where you’ve been; just reach out, and He’ll reach in. You say you’ve walked ten thousand steps away, but did you know that it’s only ONE STEP BACK? Because the one who hears you when you pray is the one who’s there beside you and He’ll never walk away.”

Matthew 28:20 reads, “…And behold, I am with you ALWAYS, to the end of the age.”

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’ve been, just reach out.

Let me take that even further… it doesn’t matter if you’ve refused His hand or His help, it doesn’t matter what sin you’ve committed against Him, and it doesn’t matter if you are perhaps stubborn sometimes — like my 5-year-old who thinks she can run ahead of me and not need my hand. I am her Momma and I always will love her unconditionally. It’s a promise as her Momma that I will always be ready and waiting for her to reach out when she needs me. In fact, when she reaches out for me, I become overjoyed!

God loves us even more than I love my Livvy and that’s hard to even fathom, but it’s true. Just think about how much you love someone for a moment. God’s love for you is even stronger than that love you feel.

God will always be our Father, He will always love us unconditionally through all our imperfections, and He is always right beside us, waiting for us to just reach out whether we think we need Him or not.

Will you reach out to Him today? I promise you, if you just reach out, He will reach in. Be blessed today!

— ——–

Finding Faith is written by area pastors. This week’s column comes from Captain Holly Johnson of Salvation Army Chapel, Lock Lock Haven.


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