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Central Mountain

As we jump into the 2019/2020 school year, there have been many changes within the building. There are new teachers, new students, new rules, and a new principal this year. There is a new assistant principal and a new facilitator in the office area. Many questions are being asked on how the school year is going and what is planned on being changed.

The new assistant principal is Mrs. Deborah Kline who was formerly an English teacher for Central Mountain High School. Kline stated that her hopes for this school year are that students feel respected, faculty and staff feel respected, and she hopes that the faculty and staff provide a positive impact towards students throughout the school year.

Kline also wants to provide a positive impact on the school. Central Mountain High School doesn’t normally get the type of reviews that it wants. “The faculty and staff, including myself, wants to make sure that students know we support them, and we want to make sure that they know they are big factors of success in school,” says Kline.

Students have one of the biggest impacts on Central Mountain High School and Kline wants them to know that they have a say in things. They choose whether they want to be successful or not.

Something that stuck out to us was when Kline talked about how it is a completely different world going from an English teacher to an assistant principal. She says that there are both positive and negative things to deal with. “I want to see all of these kids become successful in the future, and I don’t want them to hesitate to ask if they need any help with anything.”

Mrs. Nikole Day, the new Central Mountain High School facilitator, also answered questions about the changes made for the new school year. Day originally taught English at Central Mountain Middle School until this year.

“I am excited to be back up here in this building because I did have many of the students in the middle school, so I am excited to see how much each of them grew.” Day is one who can truly relate to students and help them with whatever they need. She is also prepared to be part of the exciting changes at Central Mountain High School. “I am ready to see the programs really change and grow along with new opportunities. I am also hoping students really grow as individuals.”

Mrs. Kline and Mrs. Day are both coming from different positions, so they are ready to take on what their new positions have in store for them.

Day states, “For the new teachers coming into the building, just take your time to really understand your students and really get to know them.” Kline adds, “Don’t be afraid to ask us for help.”

They both gave great advice to all of the new teachers and staff in the building. Good luck on the 2019/2020 school year to all of the students and staff and have a great year!


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