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The Central Mountain cross country team started the season on August 31 at Bear Mountain with the girls’ team placing 9 out of 28 schools. With only two days to practice, the team ran hard before their second meet at Warrior Run on September 3. This Tri-Meet included Central Mountain, Hughesville, and Warrior Run.

Along with the new school year, the cross country team acquired a new coach. Coach Danielle Wilson accepted the challenge to keep other teams running for their money!

When asked what inspired her to become the new Central Mountain Cross Country coach she responded, “Because I love running! I do all the trail runs like the Frozen Snot, Hyner, and Slate Run. I just love to run.” Wilson describes what coaching the cross country team is like, she answers proudly saying, “It’s very enjoyable because I have such a good group of students. Their parents help has been very nice. A lot of parents have been volunteering and helping.”

Because she is the new coach, a question was asked about how the team is adjusting to her. She answered, “For the most part they are adjusting well. There might be a few having a harder time because they miss coach Green I think.” Wilson was also asked and how she thought the season would end, she replied, “We are off to a good start, we’ve got a lot of potential, so I’m hoping that we keep improving as the season goes on.” Wilson was asked if she would return next year and her answer was a fat yes!

Top runner and sophomore Michael Cashwell has been on fire so far this season. While touching on his placements so far this year at Bear Mountain when he got 38 place at Warrior Run when he got 6 place his thoughts on his placement were brought up, “It feels good to know that after a year that I have been doing it I have progressively gotten better, and that I’ve got such high places this year already, it excites me.”

When asked about his feelings about the new coach he replied with, “I do miss coach Green, but I do really like Coach Wilson. I like what she brings to the table.” Being that Cashwell has been on the team for two years, a question arose; What made him join cross country in the first place? Michael happily replied, “My older sister did it and she loved it, and I think that I always loved running because it would clear my mind, and it would help to push myself.”

Freshman Fatima Kaba’s fiercely started up this season as top girl runner. When asked about her placement she answered, “I got 3rd for the school at Warrior Run and I got 1st for the school at the Bear Mountain run.” When asked about her feelings before a run, her response was deemed fit, “I am usually scared, and I tell myself that I’m going to do the best to make myself proud because when you’re going through the race you get all tired, and you want to drop out, but then at the end and you didn’t do your best you’ll regret it, and I don’t want to regret it.”

When questioned about her thoughts on the team this year she knew exactly what she wanted to say, “My goal is for everyone to listen to each other.” Because Kaba was close to former coach Terrance Green, we asked what her thoughts were of Coach Wilson. She answered the question willingly, truthfully and respectfully. “I miss coach Green because I felt that he pushed us more aggressively, but I like Coach Wilson thus far and I think she is doing her best.” Being that this is Kaba’s third year of cross country, we wanted to know whether she would be coming back next year. She proudly answered, “Yeah, I’ll be back.”

Being that it is only the start of the season for the Central Mountain Cross Country team it’s normal that they have had a few bumps, but it seems they are determined enough to overcome them. Coach Wilson’s views seem very hopeful and we can’t wait to see how she progresses as coach.

We wish Cashwell, Kaba, and the rest of the team luck with the season ahead!


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