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The Central Mountain High School volleyball team is off to a great start this season with an outstanding win of 3-2 against opposing team Penns Valley.

At the beginning of the match against Penns Valley, the varsity team was asked to complete a series of three questions from their head coach, Scott Garman. These questions were, “What is one team goal?”, “What is one personal goal?”, and “What is one thing you would want to look back at during the end of the year team banquet?”

This 2019 season is coach Garman’s second year coaching this team and he has made a huge impact on the team.

According to coach Garman, he believes this team is capable of “great things,” such as moving onto districts, winning the district championship, and bringing home the first banner CMHS’ volleyball team has ever seen and accomplished throughout the time we have had the program running.

However, more effort both physically and mentally needs to be put in every play, and every time their feet hit the court. These athletes need to push to their max to accomplish their goals that have been set high from everyone on not only themselves, but also the entire team.

Garman believes that the team has been on an uphill drive since the beginning of the season, and they have progressed every time they touch the ball. He feels that the teams defense is the strongest part of a team, and that is a point that always needs improvement.

These girls need to be pushed mentally to conquer what they want to accomplish. Once the game is learned, and you get out of having to use your head for every game and learning to flow with the game, a lot can be done for this team… but first, the cognitive effort needs to be worked on.

Now, let’s take a look into the mind of these girls. First let’s start with freshman and middle blocker, Kyleigh McDermit. This is her first year moving up from the JV middle school team. She had played one season of club ball with a couple of the girls on the team, helping to create a bond between them.

After being asked the question if moving up had helped her, she stated, “coach Garman has pushed me both physically and mentally to become a better athlete, and person.” McDermit feels that moving up has allowed for stronger bonds, and she feels that she takes volleyball more seriously than she did in years before. She also shares that she has felt overwhelming emotions, and that the adrenaline of game situation is “insane.”

Junior Loni Duck states that, “The biggest difference between last year and this year is the emotional effort and connection allowing us to move forward in this game.”

Sophomore Emily Bartlett says, “My biggest improvement has been my serving, especially overall coaching and the expansion of overall skill sets.”

Overall, the players feel that being involved with the Central Mountain volleyball team has impacted them in many ways They wish to become better people and players both on and off the court. Good luck with the rest of your season, ladies!


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