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Central Mountain

Do you remember your freshman year of high school? The anxiety and nerves getting to you as you walk in to high school for the first time. It can be really intimidating for some, as they see older or upperclassmen. Scared that you won’t have any classes with your friends, or scared that you’ll get lost? These are both common things when it comes to freshmen starting high school.

When you’re coming up to high school you never really know what to expect because as we all know it’s not like they make it seem in the movies. High school is a big jump from middle school, and you have a lot more responsibilities with school and homework.

As we went on to interview different freshman we see that some answers were similar regarding the aura that high school brings freedom. The first freshman we interviewed, Hayden Pardoe, said that his favorite teacher was Mr. Herman because he is “very laid back”, he is also the baseball coach, and he is a very fun teacher to be around.

Hayden stated that he only got lost once heading down the C-wing hallway on the first day of school. Pardoe also agreed with what we stated about high offering more freedom. Hayden’s expectations for highschool are to continue playing baseball and basketball since he has been playing four a number of years.

Jake Weaver was our next freshman we interviewed. When asked if he goes to any of the sports games and he said yes, and that he watches and supports our high school football team along with other sports. The one thing he said he was afraid for in the upcoming year of high school was the harder classes that involve more homework and more responsibility. Jake also stated that he had a passion for engineering and that he wishes there were more classes that had to do with engineering at the school, but that he will take many other classes that interest him. Weaver looks forward to the new school year at the highschool.

Another freshman, Landon Hall, seemed excited and nervous about the new school year, and also stated some of the classes he disliked such as history. Hall says that the biggest differences between middle school and high school is the freedom and privileges you get. When asked about what he thought of the school lunch periods he said stated that eighth period is too late in the day for lunch but that the food they serve is better quality than middle school and you have a better selection. Landon enjoys school but like going home and playing Playstation or finishing his homework instead.

Our last freshman we interview is Melaina Waite. Like the other freshman said, the one thing she likes better in high school than in middle school is the ability to do more and have more opportunities.

Central Mountain High School freshman have been adjusting well to the transition from middle school to high school, but they will need to get used to their new lifestyles as highschoolers.


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