Friday Night Lights


Central Mountain

Friday night football season, here we are! We spoke with Central Mountain High School Football coach Jim Renninger and received some much needed insight on our high school football team. Once asked the question how has this season been going so far, Renninger stated that the team has been “struggling,” but they are playing hard, working hard, and moving in the right direction.

They are really working hard to fine tune the game and fix small details. Some team goals, according to Renninger, are to be competitive, and carry themselves with class.

He feels there has been ups and downs in the program resulting in inconsistency within the team. There has been a lot of individual improvement, but they need to be able to come together and improve as a team. He believes the football team is capable of great things.

Coach Renninger has been the head coach for 4 years and the assistant coach for 8 years. Renninger is a history and psychology teacher at Central Mountain High School during the day football coach by night. How does he do it?

Now, let’s take a look into the minds of some of the football players.

After asking junior Tyler Cygan, what ways does he think he has improved since freshman year, he stated, “The guys and I have put in so much time in the weight room and working hard at practices, and to see the score it is always very disappointing. Personally, I feel that I am about twice as strong as I was freshman year, and I feel it has helped me on the field.”

Junior Lane Porter was asked why he decided to join football now, as a junior. “I’ve played football all my life growing up. I’ve never had more fun on the field under the lights in any other sport before. The entire football team is a close brotherhood. If one person falls down we all do. Everybody puts in their best effort no matter what the score is, and nobody backs down. The other reason is because of my father. I’ve always been on the smaller side growing up and always getting hurt. He would never let me play again until junior year, and that is why I play every snap like it will be my last because it very well could be.”

After asking the questions what his goal for the season consisted of and how he feels he has personally improved, senior Camron Sonnie stated, “My goal for this season as a senior defensive captain is to persuade more people to play football. Also, I would love to get a couple of wins for my last year of high school football. I feel I have personally improved as a player and as a person. Football doesn’t just teach you about the sport, but also how to be a better person.”

We are wishing the Central Mountain Football team luck in their future games of this new season. Never give up and count on yourselves, and the training you have received all of these years thus far!


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