Journalism: Behind the Scenes


Central Mountain

The media is an important aspect of everyday life and it’s primarily known as the way that we receive information about what goes on in the world around us. It allows us to gain knowledge about the happenings near and far from us. The media has proven its importance time and time again by allowing the public to view this information on important events so that we, as a people, can stand and work together when push comes to shove.

News can be for entertainment, informing, and persuading. Not only that, news can also be beneficial. It keeps you updated and provides educational value. It helps you to open your mind to new things and ideas, and allows you to form your own opinions.

If we didn’t have the news that we have today, we would be left only to what goes on closely around us not having the access of knowledge about what happens in the world in it’s entirely. This would leave us with a closed off point of view and not much information to base anything off of.

The news can get out there through multiple ways and platforms. This includes, newspapers, radio stations, news channels, etc, each being useful in their own way. With newspapers, you get the news early in the morning for the day. Radio Stations are also useful for the people who travel all the time and who are not able to get out to read a newspaper or watch

TV, giving them a chance to catch up on the news while they travel. There are also News channels as well. They allow you to watch the News with visualization of what’s going on for those who have trouble picturing what’s happening. Not only that but it gives you the news in the luxury and comfort in your own home.

This all sounds well and good, but don’t be fooled. It’s not always easy for a writer to get their articles done by the due date, especially if they’re in high school. It really takes time, patience, creativity, and most importantly, self motivation.

That’s where the Journalism class comes in, giving students and teachers alike their daily dose of information. In Journalism, we work together to brainstorm ideas and topics that we will later write and create articles about, getting information out there for everyone so that people know what’s going on. However, this doesn’t mean that students can write anything. There’s a lot of important factors and work that go into every article, making them each unique and newsworthy in their own way.

“The most important factor in news,” states the journalism teacher, Mr. Joseph Eiswerth, “would be self evaluating on what you’re writing about. Is the story newsworthy enough for people to read it? Along with making certain that we report facts, and that if we give opinions, we need to state that it’s an opinion.”

It’s important that a student in Journalism develops their skills so that they may become the best part of themselves through their writing. Skills that students in Journalism develop through the class are researching and investigating skills, interviewing, reporting and writing. These skills take time, but over the course of the class, it should come easier each time.


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