Kick-Start the New Season


Central Mountain

The Central Mountain Girls Soccer team begins their 2019/2020 season with new head coach, Jeff Brinker. Brinker is a health and physical education teacher at Central Mountain High School. Brinker has been coaching soccer for 25 years, and he was the Central Mountain boys head coach for 5 years. He also has experience in coaching Junior High girls soccer, and he was the assistant boys soccer coach at the former Bald Eagle Nittany High School.

We asked coach Brinker a few questions about how his first season was going with the team. To prepare during the offseason, the team had two well attended open workouts including girls from junior high through high school. The two offseason dates were intended for the girls to both workout and focus on specific skills while working on various drills.

To make practices more fun and enjoyable, while also being productive, Coach Brinker said it is important to “mix it up” and be sure that every day has a purpose. He wants to make sure that the girls are aware of what the purpose of each day is.

So far this season the team holds a record of 0-5. Although the team has yet to earn a win, coach Brinker has already noticed the team making progressing steps towards improvement and overall positive progress in the team.

Considering coach Brinker has experience in coaching both boys and girls, we asked what the differences were. He easily stated that there were differences in terms of mentality and the speed of the game (in which the boys game is a faster pace). Although, he was unable to decide whether it is easier to coach one over the other.

Brinker also was not hesitant to embrace and point out the dedication and time it takes when asked what it takes to be a good coach. He firmly stated that the most important thing to him to have is an understanding wife.

Considering the amount of time spent away from home during the offseason and when in season, it is important for him to be relaxed and enjoy coaching, and having an understanding wife makes this easy for Brinker. It takes a good coach to be fully invested in the teams progress, and the team itself, and Brinker is proud to be as dedicated to the team as possible.

Coach Brinker has many goals and ambitions to help improve the girls soccer program over the years. There are always things to improve on, and coach Brinker is optimistic and excited for the rest of this season, and years to come! He hopes to continue to help the team improve on their day to day endeavors, and he wants them to have fun while doing it!


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