Summer Travels


Central Mountain

During the summer break, some of our Central Mountain High School students were enjoying their time off by exploring the different cultures around the world.

Sophomore Alyssa VanGorder, junior Ashley Lose, and junior Olivia Anastos have explained some of their adventures from their vacations. From Mexico, England, and Germany to Iceland, Poland, and Italy, our students have explored almost all seven continents before the school year even started.

Olivia Anastos spent three weeks of her summer travelling the world traversing through England cities London, Nantwich, Grosmont, York, as well as the German cities Munich and Dachau. She went with her mother and stayed with her cousins and aunt during her time in England.

Anastos visited plenty of famous international landmarks, including the London Eye, Abbey Road, and Buckingham Palace. She even took a tour of Wimbledon. She explained how the environment was very friendly, and it was very different being around such a large mass of people and having such an immense variety in shops, compared to in Lock Haven. “It was nice to leave home for a while and explore different places” Anastos said, “and I had a great time.”

Sophomore Alyssa VanGorder, took a week to vacation in Puerto Morales, Mexico with her family, including her mother, father, sister, and brother. She stayed at a resort, where she enjoyed spending time at the beach and pool. When she wasn’t relaxing, she spent time in the little town she was staying right outside of, trying cultural Mexican foods from the food stands spread throughout the city. “It was very loud, but also friendly. The stores in the town were very demanding. They were always asking us to buy stuff,” VanGorder explained. She mentioned that plenty of people had asked them where they were from and how long they were there.

She enjoyed the very warm climate, and being exposed to the different ways people dressed and spoke. The sophomore explained how everyone spoke Spanish, but that almost everyone could also speak some English. Along with further developing her knowledge of the world’s different cultures, she also learned of a quote that VanGorder believes sums up her vacation; “Never go out on the town at night.”

Junior Ashley Lose, explored many different areas of the world this summer, totaling up to about eight different countries. Lose spent three weeks travelling throughout Iceland, Paris in France, Cinque Terre in Italy, Prague in Czech Republic, Auschwitz in Poland, Switzerland in the Swiss Alps, Vienna in Austria, and many different places and Germany with her mom.

She explains how out of all the fun things she did, such as travelling all around to different cities and landmarks like the Palace of Versailles, her absolute favorite thing she did was ride Icelandic horses in Iceland. Lose enjoyed a variety of climates on her travels as well. For part of her time in Europe, she went up in the Alps where she said, “it was very cold, but it was amazing. There were snow caps on all the mountains. It was so pretty.”

For the other part of her trip, it was very hot, especially during her time in Italy, along the Mediterranean Coast. Lose was excited to travel to places she has never been before, and be able to, as she put it, “experience different cultures, increase our understanding of those places and their history, and to add more countries to the list of places we’ve been to.”

Although Central Mountain High School students have put their classroom education on hold for two months. It’s acceptable to say that many pupils haven’t stopped learning. From furthering bilingual dialect to understanding different ways people live all around the world, the summer of 2019 has not been wasted.


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