The Life of a Dual Sport Athlete


Central Mountain

Junior Abby Brinker is a 17-year-old girl who lives a pretty busy life! Abby plays soccer and volleyball for Central Mountain High School.Abby is the setter for the volleyball team and for the soccer team she plays forward,center mid,wing, and anywhere she can be to benefit the team. Abby has the grit and determination to give each team her all and always do her best.

Brinker has been playing volleyball for about 8 years and has been playing soccer for about 12 years. She also does homeschooling, which really gives her time to focus on other activities like her sports team. When asked if homeschooling was helpful she stated “Yes, being home schooled allows me to be able to get my work done whenever. it’s very flexible which helps me a lot. It also helps me to not have to worry about homework, so I can focus on one thing at a time.”

Abby is number 4 out of 10 kids in the Brinker family and no matter what she does her family always supports her. Abby says, “They are the best!” They are always there for me, encourage me, help me improve on things, making sure I get what I need.” Her parents also make time to watch both her soccer and volleyball games even when her other siblings play sports as well. Since her dad is the girls soccer coach it makes practices more flexible and, “it’s all around less stressful“, so she doesn’t have to worry about missing soccer. Her dad once told her,” have fun and make an impact,” and that is just what Abby does. Every time Brinker steps on the court or field she always does her best she can and helps encourage, and help win for both teams. There is not a time that Abby is negative toward anyone or her team. She is always uplifting no matter the outcome.

Brinker’s favorite thing about each team is the friendships she has created. She was happy to return to the soccer field so she can be with her best friends since she has known them for so long. It was nice being back with them. Shes loves that each team is hardworking and that everyone has each others’ backs.

When Brinker has some free time she likes to relax, watch movies, and spend time with family and friends. She stated, “It’s hard to plan and do things on week days when volleyball practices go late.”

Abby is a very determined and driven student who strives to do her best in school and sports. She wishes to continue with her passion in volleyball and soccer in her school years to come.


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