The Year Ahead


Central Mountain

The 2019/2020 school year is finally here after a long summer break. This school year will bring on new challenges and decisions for many students. The incoming freshmen have many changes to adjust to as well as the rest of Central Mountain High School’s students. Those changes throughout the school include a new grading policy, new teachers, and new job positions.

We decided to interview a few students and a few teachers about how they feel about the changes and what they expect out of this upcoming school year.

We started off with English teacher, Mrs. Kelly Baker. Baker’s expectations for this year consist of a lot of change. “I think with the new superintendent and the new principal that there is going to be a lot of changes and I look forward to having a really good school year.”

After speaking with her, we spoke to Math teacher, Mr. Jonathan Herman. When asked about his expectations for his students in his classroom Herman stated, “No matter where you’re coming from or no matter the level of learning skills everyone grows as a person and as a student. I think that every kid can do that no matter their levels of learning.”

The last person we talked to was Mrs. Katherine Andrews who is a Paraeducator at the high school. We questioned her about her new position and what she enjoys most about coming into work at the high school. “I like coming to work everyday seeing the kids learn and progress in their learning abilities as well as seeing all of their smiles!”

After getting some answers from the teachers we decided to move on to ask students how they feel about the new changes.

We started off with senior Zane Probst and asked what he was excited about for his senior year. Probst said, “I’m excited to close out all the sports I participate in including football, basketball, and baseball. I’m looking forward to all of the senior activities with my class and to end a great chapter.”

Sophomore Alyssa Vangorder was asked to give a tip to the incoming freshman, “Always do your work and study for tests and it won’t be as hard.”

Lastly we asked freshman Tara Mader what she feels her biggest adjustment was going from Central Mountain Middle School to Central Mountain High School. Mader replied with, “My biggest adjustment was going up and down the stairs everyday.”

With all the new changes throughout the school district the students and teachers are prepared to have a successful school year!


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