A wake-up call?

A sign that we need to treat our planet with more kindness

During the past few weeks of this strange time we are all facing, all we have been seeing on the news, social media, etc. is negativity. All that we have been able to think about during this quarantine, is how bad everything is becoming in regard to the coronavirus. Small businesses are closed, we have to wear face masks to be out in public, stores close hours earlier than usual, everyone is being selfish and taking anything and everything they can from the shelves, hospitals are overwhelmed, and so are their staff.

This time in all of our lives is a very strange and unfamiliar one to experience. Life as we know it has been put on hold. To continue on with the negative effects of this pandemic, seniors of both high school and college may not have that graduation ceremony that they’ve been waiting for, for so many years; myself being one of those high school seniors.

Although it hurts to think about the fact that I will not attend my senior ball, I will not experience my final day of high school, and it is possible that I will not even have the ability to walk down that football field for my graduation ceremony, I will remain focusing on the positive that has aroused from this pandemic.

Though we are not very ecstatic about what is going on right now, our Earth is. This pandemic has had some positive impact on the environment because we no longer can do as much to damage it while we remain inside of our homes all day for days on end.

Have you ever seen photos of the world-famous canals in Venice, Italy? Ever noticed how murky the waters are? Thanks to COVID-19 and all of the stay-at-home orders around the globe, the waters in these beautiful canals are much clearer. Furthermore, air pollution is said to be dropping significantly in places like China and New York City. Also helping with the decrease in air pollution, is the fact that planes are getting grounded. I believe that this is the relief that our Earth needed.

With this being said, we can sit in our homes during this pandemic, and think of all of the negative that is affecting us, or we can think of all the positive impact on our beautiful planet called Earth. Our lives may be on hold, and many of us may be missing out on many things that would have happened had this pandemic not arisen, however, I would like to think of this situation as a wakeup call. Perhaps this is a sign that we need to treat our planet with more kindness, and care more about the planet that we live on, rather than our own selfish needs. Because in the end, the truth is that we do not own the Earth. The Earth simply allows us to live here.


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