Stay safe and stay healthy

A virus has started an outbreak all over the world. What is it, you ask? This is called the SARS-CoV-2, but is better known as the coronavirus or COVID-19.

Where did the disease originate? The virus is believed to have started in a “wet market.” This is where people sell both dead and live animals. These animals hold bacteria and many other things that can affect the human population. The disease started in China and quickly spread all over the world. It has now reached America and has affected many in a horrible way.

The spreading has occurred due to the symptoms closely relating to influenza, or the flu. The signs are shortness of breath, fever, aches of the body, and more. Medical professionals are stating that if you have more than two symptoms, to go and get tested. If you do not have many symptoms, you are to self-quarantine.

Many school districts, like Keystone Central, have shut their doors for the rest of the school year and have started online classes for students, like myself. This is to slow down the spread and to keep everyone safe and healthy.

How is the change affecting a student’s life? For myself, I am actually more motivated to do work now that I am in an environment that I feel comfortable in. I am able to focus for longer amounts of time and work at my own pace. However, the hardest part of doing online class work is communication with teachers.

Central Mountain High School has set up hours throughout the week that teachers have to be responding to emails. This is good, however, many students do not have questions until after those times. This, then, makes the students have to wait for the teacher to respond to their email and not get the work done right away.

Many high school students have a job, including myself. I have worked at the McElhattan McDonald’s for a little over a year now. During this pandemic, my work is still considered essential. What does that mean? I am still working five days a week and getting paid while being out and possibly in contact with people who could have the virus.

We, the employees of McDonald’s, are made to wear masks, gloves, and wash our hands every hour. We are also wiping down high touch places constantly so ourselves and our customers do not get sick. These precautions do not always work, however. Many people who visit my place of work are not taking the advice of health professionals and the government.

I go to work every day scared that I will catch the virus without knowing and infect my whole family. I try to take the correct precautions to keep myself safe. I get home and either change or shower before I do anything else. I also make sure my work clothes get washed or are in a safe location that no one else will come in contact with them.

There are many ways people can stay safe during these tough times. The advice I can give, as someone who is working through this, is to wash your hands daily and wash your mask after each use. This will prevent the spread of anything that might have touched your mask.

Stay safe and stay healthy!


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