Zoning Hearing Board grants variance to township residents due to inaccurate information

The Zoning Hearing Board of Wayne Township granted a variance to Russell and Jennifer Johnson, township residents, for a $150,000 3.5 acre “truck terminal” at 255 Pine Mountain Road in the township after inaccurate information was presented to the Johnson’s about zoning ordinance requirements for such terminals.

The terminal’s intention was to store and park trucking equipment, trailers and more for Russell Johnson’s small trucking business.

According to Frank S. Miceli, Zoning Hearing Board solicitor, the zoning ordinance for truck terminals in the Light Industrial Zoning unit must be a minimum of 5 acres. This property that was purchased was a total of 3.5 acres.

The previous zoning officer allegedly gave Russell Johnson inaccurate information regarding the requirements and what the property would be able to be used for according to Stuart Hall, lawyer who represented the Johnson’s.

Look for more information in the print addition of The Express.


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