The undeclared condom war


Like an illuminated porch light on Halloween eve, the title of this article draws interested readers to my door.

In my literary bowl of assorted treats, there is hopefully something to your liking … for your inquiring mind to eat.

For those of you who dare to reach for one of my treats, beware!

I have a few tricks up my sleeve, for all who might be caught unaware.

For many, Halloween is traditionally celebrated on the eve of All Saints Sunday.

On All Saints Sunday morning, I could feel the enthusiasm growing among some in the congregation, when the Preacher was talking about the “Walking Dead” TV program.

That caused some listeners to question his teachings. Even Jesus talked metaphorically about the consuming of his flesh and drinking his blood, according to John’s Gospel.

As the sermon content transitioned over to the fact that it also was Reformation Sunday, the previous enthusiasm among the congregation began to wane.

For some, church history and theology are definitely not cool, that’s why we have a “mental autopilot” button built into our minds. Some readers are ready to push it now, because we’ve been trained to have short attention spans.

On Oct. 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 point theses to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany. This Priest risked his life to point out to others that the church had lost its way and was now corrupt.

In a money making scheme for some church leaders, salvation could now be purchased for a price.

My enthusiasm began to grow and bells sounded, as my mind began to cross the line separating church and state. Isn’t this what is happening with state and federal governments?

In my last article, I managed to come up with a list of 10 “Common Core Values,” most relating to politicians selling their souls for campaign cash.

When are people going to raise a unified voice in opposition to special interest groups buying elections?

For those who didn’t read my last article, “The Trojan Horse,” I briefly touched on our current Common Core education system.

Common Core is code for students commonly studying for all too common tests, leading to common confusion among students and teachers, therefore generating commonly lower test scores.

This commonly prompts the games politicians love to play when handing out money from a common pot.

When doling out those funds, common teachers and administrators sometimes become common criminals to improve their chances at getting the cash. For those who promote the concept of Human Husbandry and the need to conform the masses for future control, this is all music to their ears.

What if I asked the average high school student, “What comes to mind when with the word “Trojan?”

A. A heavy equipment manufacturer.

B. A war between Troy and Mycenaean Greece.

C. The nickname for the University of Southern California football team.

D. A popular brand of condom.

E. An internet virus that uses deception to gain access.

When I Googled the word “Trojan” on the internet out of curiosity, the Trojan condom was the first thing on the list.

These nifty little devices are promoted to our children as a way of encouraging safe sex.

Unfortunately, like the Trojan horse, our modern Trojans sometimes allow a surprise, for the girl, with what’s supposed to be contained inside.

Traditional campaign dogma often includes the proverbial “Chicken in every pot” promise. As our modern culture has become more complex, a new campaign theme has begun to emerge, “someone else will pay” to fix the problems.

Social engineers came up with a new institution, sponsored by government, to help prevent and illuminate pregnancy among the Herd.

When cattle feedlots bring heifers into their facilities from various backgrounds, it’s a good management practice to give them all a shot, which causes any pregnant animal to abort. This proactive approach saves producers time and money in the future.

Abortion is a “hot button” issue that divides churches, society, and those elected to government positions, along with appointed or elected judges. We hear the term “litmus test” used to clarify the position of all those who are supposed to be unbiased?

Among my recent sermon notes, scribbled all over my church bulletin, was this statement by the preacher, “Death clarifies our objectives.”

My question then becomes this: Is the termination of more than 60 million unborn children to be considered casualties of war or marketable by products of the sexual revolution?

Earnest Hemingway, in his novel, “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” blended together fact and fiction to chronicle events in the Spanish Civil War. His storyline was built around lives, love, and deaths of common people caught up in the effects of the war.

The brutality, destruction, and death Hemingway sought to portray to his readers was soon overshadowed by World War II.

Who could ever have imagined what governments in the modern era were capable of doing? More importantly is the fact that their Herd Managers convinced the general population that atrocities being done were morally the thing to do.

This leads to the heart of my next question: Are we as a divided culture and government engaged in an undeclared Civil War?

In my next article, I’ll look at maybe 10 different battle lines as our elected officials use proverbial condoms to shield citizens from the truth.

Before leaving the Halloween-election spirits behind, did you ever wonder how a “Trick or Treater” can tell which home is occupied by a dedicated politician? It’s the homeowner who sells their Halloween treats and does tricks for the highest bidder!

Ralph Dotterer Jr. is a lifelong Nittany Valley farmer, hayseed philosopher, barnyard artist and soapbox theologian whose roots in the same soil go back almost 200 years.