Flemington Easter egg hunt winners named

FLEMINGTON – The Flemington Hi-Neighbor committee held its annual Easter Egg Hunt at Grove Park on Saturday, March 19, with a fantastic group of eager hunters.

Prize winners were:

r Ages 0-2 – Jace Fye, Collin Confer, Genevieve Davis, Amelia Titus and Carrera Bendik, all of Lock Haven; Novo Rupp of McElhattan.

r Ages 3-4 – Ayden Hamm and Gianna Gingery of Lock Haven; Liam Grenoble of Flemington; Donald Brown Jr. and Anthony Gugliocciello of Mill Hall.

r Ages 5-6 – Mickaela White of Lock Haven; Haydn Whitman of Woolrich; Sophie Miller of Blanchard. Regan Hull of Lock Haven was the bicycle winner.

r Ages 7-9 – Leah Lohman of Lock Haven; Isabella Gottschall and Stephanie Darby of Jersey Shore; Audrina Whitman and Zach Sinclair of Woolrich. Chase Gasper of Clarence was the bicycle winner.

r Ages 10-12 – Brayden Yost, Sakura Thorpe and Sarah Crust, all of Mill Hall. Amy Sellers of Lock Haven was the bicycle winner.