Sanctions against Russia take us closer to war

Last week, Congress passed a bill approving sanctions against Russia. The political class never seems short on making foolish decisions that hurt the United States.

One must dig deep to figure out the actual reasoning behind passing the bill.

Bellicose politicians, along with the corporate media, convinced a large segment of the American public that sanctions on Russia are a good thing. Recent history has demonstrated the damage of sanctions and their failure to bring about the desired goal.

The term “sanctions” seems innocuous to the public, but the consequences are severe for the people of the target country.

For example, when the US imposed sanctions against Iraq, over 500,000 Iraqi children died. When asked by Lesley Stahl if these sanctions were worthwhile, Secretary of State Madeline Albright thought they were.

Sanctions do not work.

Former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul made an excellent point when he wrote, “Sanctions are supposed to force governments to change policies and do what Washington tells them or face the wrath of their people. So, the goal of sanctions is to make life as miserable as possible for civilians so they will try to overthrow their governments.

Foreign leaders and the elites do not suffer under sanctions. This policy would be immoral even if it did work, but it does not.”

Sanctions against another country take us one step closer to war. Why does the political class in DC seek war with Russia? These neocons (made up of the republican and democrat political establishment), who are part of the Deep State, drive the war agenda and incessantly provoke the Russians. By fostering continual conflicts around the globe, the military-security complex flourishes.

War benefits government bureaucracy and those contractors who spend much of their time in Washington.

When “we” are at war, “we” lose incredible liberties and freedom.

Throughout history, the state used war as a pretext to justify its expansion of power. Typically, politicians and bureaucrats can’t get away with abuses against US citizens unless “we” are at war. As a consequence, Americans are easily manipulated into feeling that more invasion into our personal lives and giving away of liberties somehow makes us safer – and more patriotic.

The media’s anti-Russian propaganda campaign dramatically hurts US-Russian relations and has increased tensions between the two countries. The press reports any attempt toward peace made by President Trump, and a few members of his administration, as some sort of collusion.

Based on his inside knowledge of Washington, Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President Reagan thinks if Trump continues to foster peaceful relations with Russia that the Deep State will remove him as president.

He recently wrote, “If Trump were to normalize relations [with Russia], thereby removing “the threat” that justifies the power and profit of the military/security complex’s budget, he would likely be impeached as a traitor to the USA.”

Perhaps this is why Trump did not veto the sanctions bill against Russia — he should have.

Some political experts argue that he had to sign the sanctions bill because it would have passed with an overwhelming majority in Congress to override his veto. However, by not signing the bill, President Trump would have made a clear statement to the country that he seeks to de-escalate tensions with Russia.

Isn’t it in the best interest of everyone that leaders of two nuclear superpowers communicate properly? What ever happened to diplomacy?

The public should be worried about the Deep State apparatus and its power to control foreign policy; this is the bigger story. For every president (many commentators highlight that JFK paid the price), it is nearly impossible to obstruct their nefarious quest for war and world hegemony. They want Trump out because they want war in.

The Deep State bureaucracy incessantly continues to further the narrative that Trump colluded with the Russians to hack the election.

The truth reveals otherwise — if you believe Julian Assange the founder of WikiLeaks.

Assange was believed to always be truthful and instructive, especially throughout the Bush years. At the time, the DC left loved Assange, but now seek to destroy him since he doesn’t follow their script.

The plot against the Russians is political, dangerous, and administratively driven; they seek a new war to further their agenda, and the American people are being duped.

Those who hate Trump also think it is in our best interest to hate the Russians and believe the Russian-gate tale. The polarization created is destructive, and the Russian scandal only adds to the national discord.

In the past, people could disagree with each other and remain civil. The corporate media’s manipulation of the public not only cultivates the Deep State’s ability to generate false news, but also to fan sharp divisions among the American people. Ordinary citizens are encouraged to hate their neighbors and friends if they have opinions different than their own.

For over a year, the republican and democratic neocons in DC have escalated the conflict with a nuclear superpower and sought to manufacture consent among the public through disinformation.

Regardless of political team, it is vital we refuse to give our consent in the continual march toward nuclear war.

Dr. Kimberly Johnson is a wife and mother raising her family in the Lock Haven area. Email her at kaj2955@lockhaven.edu.