Stormy Daniels news coverage



Recently, I encountered a news article from Vox condemning Fox News for not talking enough about Stormy Daniels in comparison to other leading news organizations. I personally find so many things wrong with this scenario.

Firstly, a news station like Fox, which is a non-governmental company, can air whatever they want. If they release unacceptable news, the common citizen can freely condemn them through protests and boycotting. While Vox writers certainly have the right to complain about Fox News, I find it to be a sneaky trick to undermine the competition rather than actual news.

Secondly, it’s rather illogical for Fox News to waste its good time and money following Daniels around for four months, especially when CNN, MSNBC, and others are more than happy to do so in their endeavor to doom our president.

Thirdly, Fox News is doing what any good business should – providing a desired service to the correct consumer audience. Fox News knows that its audience doesn’t want to watch endless hours of Stormy and friends complaining about the president for his past decisions. Nor does Fox’s audience wish to participate in promoting the words of a stripper, who has gained fame and wealth by hypocritically throwing discretion out the window.

I’m not saying Fox News is perfect or even close, as few to none of modern news organizations are.

But if Fox is so manipulative, why did they ever mention Stormy Daniels in the first place?

In the era of “fake news,” I don’t think we should judge Fox News for avoiding a topic that they likely would not be able to report on without throwing their opinion in the mix. As the classic saying goes: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”


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