Applause, Applause!

Each Saturday, The Express community newspaper highlights people, groups and activities our readers deem worthy of applause.

APPLAUSE goes out to a very kind man. Pulling my light tan Impala into a parking space at Walmart on Wednesday afternoon, April 10, my right front fender scraped the left rear door of the black auto next to me. As I surveyed both cars, I could see dollar signs bulding up and it actually made me ill. I placed a note under his windshield wiper, apologizing, along with my name and phone number. When I returned home, there was a phone message from the owner relating that he had found my note and very much appreciated my notification. He kindly stated that it was purely cosmetic and that I was not to be concerned. What a gift! Thank you kind sir. I’d love to shake your hand. I breathed a grateful sigh of relief, thanked my God for that honest compassionate genetleman and asked God to bless him “real good.” I was able to rub out the black paint from my fender — good to go. Thanks Lord. Another day in the life of Jane Reed and her precious Lord.

— Jane Reed, of Avis

On behalf of the Avis American Legion Post 284 and Ralph “Skip” Ferrara, commander, we would like to THANK the following people who donated door prizes at the Ham Bingo on April 14, 2019 — Fair Design Hair Studio, Aungst Hair Shop, Rizzo Florist, Skip and Donna Ferrara, Susquehanna Transit, ACE Hardware, Pine Primitives, Natalie’s Crafts and Collectibles, Weis Market, Dave and Ruby at Oak Grove Tavern, Janey’s, Jeff Raab, Steve Yost, OIP in Avis, Deb’s Just Winging It, Cheri Overdorf. Also, thank you to Sharon and Tom Logue for making the ham potpie, which was very delicious according to those who enjoyed it, and our helpers, Wade Swinehart, Arthur Smith, Kayla Smith and Lori Roupp. Once again, Avis American Legion and Skip thank everyone who participated. Hope to see you again in November at our Turkey Bingo.


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