A Mother’s Day tribute


Lock Haven

Every year in May, the mothers in our lives are given a special day.

Moms should not just be honored one day out of the year.

After all, if it wasn’t be for them, the younger generation would not be alive. This is something I find myself thinking about, especially now that I have gotten older.

I consider myself the luckiest person in the world because I have a mother who has given me everything. Like most relationships, ours has been complicated at times.

Sometimes we disagree over small things, and at other times our arguments are about more serious issues. Both of us say things we do not mean. Then, we cool off and apologize. I always feel better after I say I’m sorry.

Words have the power to wound or heal.

One of the things I have always wished is that my mom (and my dad) could see me accept a major accolade.

Although I have yet to win a literary award, I am confident that I will someday.

That is why I keep trying. Seeing my mom’s proud face would be the greatest gift of all, and I know watching me walk across a stage to accept a trophy or certificate would be the happiest moment in her life.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to my dear mother.

May these words put tears in your eyes and joy in your heart.