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(Editor’s Note: This is another installment of The Express’ “Letter to Our Boys,” written during World War II to let “our boys” know what was happening back in their home towns. The Express will bring the letters to you occasionally, thanks to the efforts of Fred and Anna Snyder, who compiled the letters over several years of research and donated a full copy of them to the Clinton County Historical Society.)

Saturday, May 5, 1945


Old Col O’Corn gets a considerable amount of mail — largely from men overseas.

Once in a great while I get one from a girl and, since that is something of an event for an old codger of my age, I top the column with it today.

Cadet Nurse Frances Hurwitz writes from White Sulfur Springs, W.Va., where she takes pride in being the only senior cadet nurse from Clinton County to go to an Army hospital for her last six months of training.

One of her patients is Paul Miller, of LH, “He looks fine,” she writes.

“We are considered potential officers,” she says of the nurses, “and therefore are not allowed to date enlisted men — only officers and civilians. The boys hate this, of course, and the girls are not too happy either but that’s the Army. (Say, Frances, do you suppose my colonelcy, of the Kentucky variety, might get me through?)

She says accommodations at the hospital, formerly a large hotel, are excellent and the PX is well stocked. Frances is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I.S. Hurwitz.

Cpl. Harry Winters is back in Germany with the Ninth Air Force after a furlough in England where he had his first ice cream in 18 months. In Bournemouth, he met Eugene Wheeler after both of them had been staying at the same place for two days.

Eugene was the first LH boy he had seen in 18 months.

Both boys formerly worked at the Piper plant.

Writing to friends here, Marvin J. Barnes discloses he was upped to 1st Looey as a member of the 6th Tank Bn. Of the 6th Marines. Marv will better be recalled by the name of Rink, which was his while he was here as manager of the Firestone store but which Uncle Sam required to be straightened out before he went into a Marine officers’ training school.

The 6th Marines invaded Okinawa Easter Sunday and were still battling when he wrote on the 14th.

Thanks to GM1/c L. M. Ricker, who has a New York FPO address who sends a poem and, with it, thanks to this column. The poem takes a hearty crack at guys who strike in war time.

Pfc. Myron Haussener has been in the Dutch East Indies for 19 months and asked the address of Mary Coira who used to be from his “old stamping grounds,” N. Fairview St. Mary is in the South Pacific with the WACs.


Gordon Bletz, Loganton, on Luzon, March 20. Sgt. Ernest Torok, in Germany; John Orosz, in Europe, both of Renovo, both leave wives. Pfc. Frederick Mayer, 24, in Germany, April 13; leaves wife. Pvt. Paul Wertz, 18, Farrandsville, in Germany, April 16. Pfc. Francis Simcox in Germany, April 19.


Pfc. William Ammon, LH, formerly of Renovo, in Jap prison camp; taken when Japs over-ran Corregidor and Bataan; formerly reported missing. Lt. (jg) Heinie Stehman, 35, in Washington in heart attack.


Pfc. Frederick Hazzard, 33, in Germany, since April 12. S/Sgt. George Bechdel, Blanchard, in Germany, April 16 (may be in hospital). S1/c Anthony David Sox, Renovo, in South Pacific.

Loses Toes

Pvt. Gordon Barrett loses three toes and tips of two others on left foot and the tips and skin from 87th Infantry.

Prisoners Freed

Pvt. Clive Hoffman, from Germans all toes on right foot after freezing with Third Army’s in France awaiting a furlough.


Pfc. Leonard Weber, Nittany, in Germany March 5.


Captain French Dickey, 30 days, after one and a half years in Europe. Major Louis Miller, after two and a half years in Africa. Pfc. Louis Smith, to Walter Reed Hospital, after year in Europe. T/Sgt. Chick Flaig, 30 days, after two years in Pacific. Pfc. Thomas Geyer honorably discharged because severe case of trench feet suffered while in Italy with Infantry. GM3/c Walter Zimmerman, seven days, after five months in Atlantic.


S/Sgt. Byard Rupert, Beech Creek, Bronze Star, in Europe. Capt. Clyde Duffield, Bronze Star, in Germany. Pfc. Albert Brawand, Combat Infantry Badge, with Ninth Army. Promoted — LeRoy Burkett, to 1st Lt, in Arizona. Robert Stinson, to Sgt. Lee Gill to pfc with Seventh Army Infantry.


Anne J. Galbraith to Cpl. Jeffie Waldrip, Camden, Ark., at Cherry Point, N.C. Shirley Naomi Barrett, Mill Hall, to Pvt. Rob Smart, April 14, at Ft. Myer, Fla. Jeanne Mauerer, Woolrich, to Richard Aungst, Avis, at Camp Peary, April 30; Aungst back after 17 months in Atlantic and Mediterranean. Barbara Mayes, Mill Hall, to PO2/c Thomas Gummo, stationed in Philly after service in Pacific, at Mill Hall, April 27. Miss Jean Yearick, Howard, to Earl Henry Holter, S1/, Blanchard, at Howard, May 25; Holter home for 30 days, after 17 months in Pacific.


Daughter to Lt. and Mrs. James Quigley, in Philly; daddy overseas.


T/Sgt. Richard Tyson and Pvt. Joseph Marasco in Germany; Tyson’s unit freed prisoners, including Marasco.

Short Takes

After an “early Summer”, temperatures here drop to low forties; Kane reports inch of snow May 4. 3,000 hear Infantry Concert Group at Garden Theatre in War Bond Drive opener. Fred Ward, former trolley car motorman, dies at 65 after long illness. Ellery Shadle, father of Kelly, dies at 67, following heart attack. Billy Frank, one of the oldest members of the fire department, seriously ill. 35 houses may be built here with government aid due to housing shortage. Local credit bureau at Chamber of Commerce office is here for GI’s seeking aid in getting government loans under Bill of Rights.

Father HIPP getting big hand for heading highly successful county drive for used clothing for Europe’s need; doubles net of last Fall’s drive with not all reports in. Handord Eckman succeeds Bob Forney as Boy Scout chairman. Dr. Mary Moss Price first woman m.d. to locate here; her late father, Dr. Dennison Moss; former pastor at local Church of Christ; hubby, Dr. Ronald Price, graduates May 3 at Carlisle as first lieutenant.

Large Widmann and Teah store at Indiana total loss in fire. Changes in V-E Day plans call for no parade; stores close; industries and schools continue to work; churches open for special prayer. Marion Angus becomes nurse at Carnegie Tech. Philadelphia Civil Air Patrol unit visits local CAP. Eight year old Paula McGuire, 199 1/2 East Water St., has fractured skull after being hit by tire which rolled off truck.


Church Softball League opens Monday with Tri-vans, Church of Christ, E. Main Methodist, Presbyterian and Flemington. TC to try to reenter intercollegiate sports field with football team in fall.


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