Letters to our boys

(Editor’s Note: This is another installment of The Express’ “Letter to Our Boys,” written during World War II to let “our boys” know what was happening back in their home towns. The Express will bring the letters to you occasionally, thanks to the efforts of Fred and Anna Snyder, who compiled the letters over several years of research and donated a full copy of them to the Clinton County Historical Society.)

Saturday, May 12, 1945


Then the three sons of Mr. and Mrs.. Clyde A POORMAN, of Castanea, return form the wars there promises to be some lively arguments as to which branch of the service contributed most to victory.

Robert C. is a sergeant in the 11th Armored Division of Patton’s third Army.

Pcf. Cylde A ., Jr ., who had picked the Marines when he and Robert enlisted in September, 1943, went into Iwo in February with the 5th marines, There he was pretty well riddled with shrapnel, some of what in his hip has already been extracted. He is now in a naval hospital at Norfolk and expects soon to surrender what remains of his Iwo souvenirs now lodged in one arm.

The third brother, Albert L., has won a commission in the Air Corps, having graduated as a navigator at Ellington Field, Texas. He is now at Amarillo, taking up special work as a flight engineer for the B-29’s.

Many of the boys have been writing home (Cpl. Ray KREIDLER is one) how they wish they could be here for the trout season. Sgt. POORMAN relates he worked in a little fishing, which now can be told since Hitler is no longer around. (I hope).

Back in a rest camp near Munich and near Adolf’s favorite fishing stream, Robert had the inspiration to do a little fishing but Uncle Sam had failed to supply any fishing tackle. However, a hand grenade proved to be a good substitute and produced copious results in supplying a fish dinner for him and his pals.

Pfc. William WEBER, in Germany with the 11th Infantry, is proud to be apart of blood and Guts Patton’s Third Army. His outfit was on the taking of many large cities in France, Luxembourg, and Germany.

M/Sgt. Don McCLOSKEY is due home today from Tupper lake where he is recuperating from illness. He will spend a furlough here and return to the hospital. He sent Col O’Corn a patch of the 41st infantry (Bloody Butcher) Division.

Sam BICKFORM writes from somewhere to ask if there are any other LH people with the same APO number – 832 “So far I have only seen chick FLAIG in Daytona Beach, Fla., and Audrey FERER’s husband in San Bernardino, Cal. Before I came down here.”

“There are thousands of civilians down here ( I can’t tell you how many or what they are doing but you can bet it is really worth while) and I know of quite a few from Pennsylvania. The climate here is ideal and so far we have has neither rain or mosquitoes. There are absolutely no snakes but lots of queer animals. Everyone has some sort of animal for a pet. My wife has two parakeets and they are no trouble at all.”

Capt. Wynn FREDERICKS writes from Santa Margarita Ranch, Oceanside, Cal., to say that col. O’Corn’s column put him in touch with another Lock Haven boy – SEVERINO, who is at the Marine base Camp Pendleton. “I was pleased when dropped in to see me,” Wynn said, ” and we had a nice visit.

He adds: “His brother was a patient her before his discharge. Another coincidence – I was going through some books in our office and found one that Stiles WILLIAMS had checked out when he was here John KALINOWSKI was on the West Coast on his way overseas but could not get down to see me. He wrote just before he shoved off.”

Sam played his senior year at TC after playing three seasons at Villanova. He was signed by Paul GOVERNALI, who was as All- American at Columbia, and is backfield coach for Buffalo.

The terms were reported to be $500 for signing and $4,000 a season, the contract to become effective after the war when the conference commence operating.

Another former local footballer has also been heard from. Jim MAURER, back and center of the LHHS teams of the past serveral seasons has finished boot training and is attending radar school at Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Bob STEPHAN, former LHHS wrestler, arrived home yesterday for a 21-day leave after ten months in the Pacific. With him in Charles M.STRAUB, who has the same level. they are seamen, second class. After their visit here they will report to San Francisco.


Pvt. Francis KYLE, 22, seriously, in Czechoslovakia, April 25 . . . .Pfc. Charles HAHN, Flemington, slightly, in Germany, April 23 . . . . Lt. Bartley COOK, slightly, in Germany.

Prisoner Freed

S/Sgt. Nathan Stiver, Beech Creek, from Germans . . . Lt. Eugene Shultz, from Germany’s by Third Army . . . . Sgt. George BARNES, 26, former TC student, in Germany.

Heard From

Pfc. Frederick Hazzard and S/Sgt. Oscar HEATON, Mill Hall, both previously reported missing in Germany.


James KEPHART, S1/c, Mill Hall , for 30 days, after 18 months in Bermuda . . . Lt. Jack JONES, on furlough, after 24 missions in Europe as pilot of a B-24 . . . Ens, William HATTWICK, Mill Hall, on furlough, after two years with the Merchant Marine . . . S/Sgt. Doyle BARRETT, for 19 days, after three years in China . . . 1st Lt. Herman KRUPA, Avis, for 25-day leave, 62 missions as a bomber pilot B-25 in India and Burma.


S/sgt. Donald CONWAY, Renovo, Distinguished Flying Cross, in Italy . . . Sgt. John LOHMAN, Air Medal, at Pacific Base . . . S/sgt. Thomas HOOVEN and Sgt. Don KRESS, Bronze Stars, in Europe.


Lydia MANILA, Renovo, ANC, to 1st Lt. in Belgium . . . Joseph GILYARD, to T/5 at Indiantown Gap.


Victoria RATHGEBER to Pfc. Harry R. WALKER, May 5.


Son to S/Sgt. and Mrs. Robert KEPHART, Mill Hall, in Florida, where Dad is stationed.


S1/c Lester and Ensign Clair PATTERSON on Morotai where Seaman PATTERSON is stationed. Sam BRAZINSKY who played in the backfield of the TC football team in 1942 and is now serving with the Marine at Miramar, Cal., Marine Corps Air Depot, has been signed to play professionally with the Buffalo team of the new-organized All-American Conference.

Short Takes

County appropriates $500 for flood control; Renovo gives $250; city has not decided yet. Frank SWOPE dies at 61. Theodore Toot, 26, confesses stealing $139 in cash and $80 in checks from Clyde BLESH garage. Legion plan Memorial Day parade. The School Board and TC sign agreement to permit final teacher training in local schools. Harry SHAFFER again heads Building and Loan Association. Major Lou MILLER spoke to Rotary Club; $53,725 in War Bonds sold. USO to have dance May 25. City quiet on hearing news of victory in Europe; bars all closed; schools and factories open. Clinton County adopts $289,000 budget setting tax millage at 11. LH Draft Board drafts 21; Renovo 19.


E. E. MOTTER buys pool room from Bud THOMPSON who will go into service next Tuesday.


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