Things dads do … or should do

Father’s Day is here (June 16) and with that comes an increase in dad-jokes.

But dads are far more useful than as bearers of eye-rolling humor.

As we prepare for celebrating dads in all their corny glory, it seems like the perfect time to talk about how much dads help their children get the best education they can.

Unfortunately, one area where dads could use a little extra help is in the homework department. Brainly – the world’s largest peer-to-peer learning community – asked 1,000 American parents about their perceptions of their children’s homework.

Here’s what they found:

5 86% of dads help their school-age children with their homework and half of those polled say that they get stumped by their children’s homework.

5 A whopping 86% said they would use a service like Brainly that helps them better understand their kid’s homework so that they can better help them understand it.

5 The top states where dads are the main homework helpers: Florida – 44%; New York – 43%; Ohio – 42%; California- 41%; Pennsylvania – 41%; Texas – 40%; Virginia – 38%; Illinois – 38%; Indiana – 36% and Michigan – 35%.

Dads are great resources for their kids and many work hard to help their kids succeed.

This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate all the ways dads help their kids (homework and otherwise).