Applause, Applause

Each Saturday, The Express community newspaper highlights people, groups and activities our readers deem worthy of applause.

On Wednesday night, July 3, I had reason to call 911 — for the first time ever. I want to applaud the 911 operators, one who kindly remained on the line talking with me until Officer Winkleman arrived. Dave confidently and reassuringly performed a thorough investigation. He made a comment about a possibility, which turned out to be the reasonable explanation for my frightening experience. We are blessed to have these caring and helpful responders. They place themselves in the possibility of grave danger with each call. I am so GRATEFUL that my experience was so easily resolved. Thanks guys — you are truly appreciated.

— Jane Reed, Avis

Well everyone, you know how I said I dream of the day when we would have 150 people at a vesper service? Well we didn’t quite make it. We fell short by around 132 people but that’s OK. A great time was had by all with a lot of good food, fellowship and great weather, THANKS be to our great God. We want to especially thank Mr. and Mrs. Brian Nestor for allowing us to come and use their backyard lot. Brian is Al and Betty Nestor’s grandson and lives where Al and Betty did. Let me also thank everyone who anything to do with this service. Take care my friends!

— Dave Benner of the Nittany Valley Fellowship

I would like to THANK everyone who participated in the live nativity and ice cream social at Beech Creek Wesleyan. A special thank you to Cat, Tammy and Rick for bringing your animals. Thank you to The Express for helping publicize our event and to each one who stopped by to help make our evening a success.

— Lorie Eckenroad, Mill Hall


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