Rated T for Teen: Marching band is a sport, too

I will be honest, this article is being written at the last minute. I’ve been busy all week with something. It’s taken hard work, dedication, and it’s one of the only sports I enjoy doing. I was at band camp, for marching band.

Many argue that marching band isn’t a sport. They say it doesn’t take effort or skill other sports do, or it should not be considered a sport because it involves music. Well, as a person who participates in marching band, I can say that’s all wrong.

Marching band is a sport that takes dedication, punctuation, memorization, and skill. It may not be like other sports, but no two sports are the same. Marching band is a very physical activity, that does require a lot of attention and focus.

An example would be marching. People think it’s just walking fancy, but it’s nothing like that. First of all, everyone has to be in step. Marching band moves as one, and it’s easy to tell when someone is the odd man out. We march during football games on the field, and we march during the parades. Some of the parades are up to three miles long.

This goes along with marching, but holding our instruments. As a percussion player, I can in some aspects we get it worse than people who play horns or brass. The drums are heavy, and it takes a hard toll on your back. However, when it gets cold out, I’ve heard that the horns and brass are extremely cold and freeze their hands.

Memorizing music is a big one. We have to have the skill to remember the music inside and out, and we have to play it while marching. It’s not as easy as it seems or as we make it seem to be. There’s different parts, and there’s timing involved. If one thing goes wrong, it could disrupt the whole song.

Along with memorizing, you have to memorize your place on the field. When we do our shows, we have to move quickly and swiftly to our places on the field to keep the show moving smoothly. If one person is out of place, it can shift everything. I should know, I’ve been out of place many times.

Dedicated is a strong one. You have to have the will to keep going in marching band. You’re usually sweaty, tired, and in pain from carrying your instrument. You have to have the will to keep going, whether during a show or a parade, you have to keep on your feet if nothing is seriously wrong.

Last of all, marching band requires teamwork. As time goes on and you get closer to the people, they become more of a family than an actual team. You need everyone to work together to have things run smoothly, and when they do it’s magical.

Marching band is a sport. It takes the same dedication and strength as any other sport does. We put it the same effort as the football team or anything else. Most importantly, marching band is more than a sport, it’s a family. A family that I’m proud to be apart of.


Taylor Shaffer is a 10th grade student at Central Mountain High School who has a passion for writing. Her column will appear on Tuesdays in The Express.