Rated ‘T’ for teens: Realizing I want to be a writer

By Taylor Shaffer

The hobby I tend to the most … and I haven’t even mentioned it! I admit it’s shameful, but let’s give him the attention he deserves. The hobby I mention is writing, and there is a lot on this subject.

I started writing seriously in the eighth grade, but before that it was a bunch of silly little stories that didn’t make any sense whatsoever. However, I did enjoy writing them. Eighth grade is when it all hit, and the pieces started adding up as to what my future would be like if I pursued writing as a career.

I remember the moment when I first realized I wanted to be a writer. It was in a computer class, and the teacher had instructed us to write a short story on our computer and share it with our neighbor. The girl sitting next to me said something along the lines of how I had talent, and that I should start writing stories.

What she said hit me like a truck. I never actually considered writing a story, or turning it into a career. She opened a whole new door of possibilities to me. I started sharing talents with friends and acquaintances in our grade, and they began telling me that I had the talent to be a great writer as well.

My whole writing career is not fueled by other people’s compliments, but they sure did give me enough confidence to start sharing my talents. I began writing a story and posting it on a website. People began commenting and sharing it with other friends, and they would give me positive feedback.

However, I owe it to a few people who actually gave me opportunities to open myself to writing, and led me there. Joseph Eiswerth, he’s a teacher at Central Mountain Middle School. He was my 8th grade English teacher, and he always saw the best in me. He read all of my writings, shared my poetry with his classes, showed up for a poetry competition I was in, and also showed up for a talent show I was in. He’s supported me from the beginning, and I think he reads my articles, so I hope he sees this.

A young girl named Bryn Miller has also helped with writing. She was the one who led me to live journalism. She introduced me to a club named Junior Journal. It’s a club that allows young kids to write about things happening in the school. Besides that, she supports the stories that I write, and helps fuel the plot of them. She’s helped create characters, story scenes, and even whole stories. She’s a great friend and has helped me so much.

My ninth grade English teacher, Lindsey Kalbach read my poetry, and looked over my stories and gave me ideas. She helped me get into the Poetry Competition, and helped me submit a poem to the Keystone Chronicle. She always helped me with my writing, no matter what it was.

I appreciate everyone who has helped me become the person I am today, and has supported my writing without second guessing me. They’ve also supported me without questioning my methods, at least they haven’t questioned them to my face. I am very happy with my writing skills today, and it couldn’t have been possible without anyone who has helped me.


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