Terrapin asks consumers to demand clean vapes

Terrapin Pennsylvania takes health and safety seriously.

It is paramount to our mission as a medical cannabis company.

Recent reports of serious health impacts related to counterfeit vape products has forced us to look inward as a legal marijuana company.

At Terrapin Pennsylvania – located in South Avis – we believe the best way to ensure products are safe for consumption is to be transparent and develop ingredients solely from the cannabis plant itself.

That is why Terrapin is committed to producing all vape ingredients in-house, offering consumers confidence through transparency by voluntarily listing all ingredients on our packaging.

While we believe there should be a list of certified ingredients and disclosure requirements solidified in law, until that happens, we will share with all of our patients how we make our products and what is in them. Information can be found at DemandCleanVapes.com.

“The purest cannabis vape product one can offer is extracted from the cannabis plant itself. Educating consumers on where their products come from and how they’re made is critical to offering peace of mind,” said Brandon Miller, Terrapin Pennsylvania’s director of laboratory operations.

“By listing our in-house ingredients on product packaging and ensuring integrity through third-party testing, Terrapin PA is able to offer comfort to consumers. There is no transparency in the black market. We want consumers to demand regulated clean vapes.”

Reports indicate that the culprit in the vape scare is linked to counterfeit cannabis products pushed on the black market.

Recent investigations by NBC News and the Wall Street Journallinked health concerns to pesticides and vitamin E acetate. Terrapin PA is committed to distinguishing our products from the black market so that consumers know that products do not contain potentially dangerous synthetic ingredients.

With a proliferation of counterfeit vape products modeled after well-known cannabis brands, it is more important than ever for the industry to be vigilant and for consumers to be in the know.

“This is not a time to wait and see,” said Chris Woods, founder, owner and chief executive of Terrapin Pennsylvania.

“This is a time to be proactive to offer comfort and confidence to consumers, especially as we continue to push for legalization across the country.

Terrapin is committed to corporate and brand integrity.

We will continue to work with consumers to offer comfort through safety, responsibility, and transparency.”

This piece was submitted by Peter Marcus of Terrapin Pennsylvania in Avis, Pa., one of the first 12 initial recipients of a Pennsylvania medical cannabis grower-processor license.


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