Rated T for Teens: My favorite things about November!


November is full of exciting things. I love all of them. Veterans Day is a sign of respect, Thanksgiving has been a tradition passed from generation to generation, and my favorite thing, Nov. 1 is the start of Christmas!

I’m kidding about Christmas, but a lot of stores start celebrating Christmas before Halloween has even happened. So, this is a list of my favorite things in November!

I just love when radio stations start playing Christmas music on the first of November. The day before they were blasting “Thriller” for the kids going Trick or Treating, and now “Jingle Bells” is on every radio station.

Snow on Thanksgiving? We can’t have snow on Christmas, it rains, but on Thanksgiving Day we can definitely have five inches of snow. Mother Nature… seriously. I just want a White Christmas, please. Watch the movie.

Then there’s “No Shave November,” when guys think it’s cool to grow beards. In reality, they don’t look that great. The only No Shave November contestant I know who actually can pull off a beard is my Journalism teacher, Joseph Eiswerth.

My friend, Miles Mayes, is praying that it doesn’t snow on his birthday. He checks the weather to see if it’ll snow, and if it does, it’s not a good birthday.

November has a lot of good qualities, but these are my favorites. I really do love them with all of my heart. It’s hard to convey sarcasm into a written piece, but I hope you all are getting it.


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