Rated T for Teens: Nurses deserve a lot of credit

Taylor Shaffer

By Taylor Shaffer

I have no witty intro for this, because this is a serious article. I’m giving a certain group of people — nurses — the recognition they deserve, and listing some of the things they do.

If you have ever heard the saying, “Every good man has a good woman behind him,” then you can replace man and woman with, “Every good doctor has a good nurse behind him.”

If you just stop and think about it, nurses are very essential and we would be in a world of destruction without them. They put up with so much.

First of all, nurses are the ones who deal with some pretty gross stuff. They deal with the clothes covered in vomit, sweat, blood, and other nasty stuff. I hope you’re not eating while you read this, whoops.

Second, they are the first people we see when we go to a doctor. They usually make small talk and try to lessen the tension in the room. Being at the doctor’s office can be stressful and they try to help with that.

My third point is they have to know everything and more than a doctor knows. They have to know what the tools look like and do. They have to run around and change saline bags. They’re awake all night checking up on people and making sure they’re okay.

The inspiration I got for this article was from two people. A nurse who works at Lock Haven Hospital was my mother’s nurse while my mom was in the hospital. They were making small talk, and my mom told her to read my articles. She did, and loved them so much, that she got me a stuffed bear when I went to visit my mom. I named it after her, and it’s sitting on my dresser.

My friend’s mom, Amber Evock, is a hospice nurse. Hospice nurses work with terminally ill or dying patients to help ensure their comfort and quality of their remaining days. That’s not an easy job and she deserves a lot of credit.

Yes, nurses are special people. It takes a certain kind of person to care for sick people. And we are all lucky to have them when we need them.


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