Williamsport Regional Airport



A recent letter to the editor stated that prices for flying out of the Williamsport Regional Airport to either England or to San Diago are not much different than airports within a reasonable driving distance.


As a frequent flyer I always search for a deal and it only takes 5 minutes to compare flight prices using Skyscanner.Com or Kayak Explore. I must admit that I did once get a deal out of our airport–Roundtrip to Madrid Spain for $500, but that was the ONLY deal I ever found flying from WMPT.

This morning after reading the Letter about the Airport, I checked some flight prices to fly to either to England or to San Diego as indicated in the Letter. WMPT to England is $1342; and EVERY other airport within a 3 hour drive is less than $700 with three airports having flights that are less than $370. I will gladly drive 3 hours to save $1,000!

Flights to San Diego from WMPT are $382 and are actually cheaper than flights from State College or W-B but not cheaper than Philly or Baltimore for $150!

In my opinion the local airport is similar to our county-owned golf course: It’s only there to provide a special service to a very tiny portion of our citizens.

An airport with ONLY one flight a day serving the public is NOT an airport–it is a place for hobby flyers to use for their personal aircraft. I would guess that at present, most take offs and landings involve helicopters used by the gas companies and they do NOT need an airport. Dick Snyder’s cornfield would serve them just as well as the nearby airfield.

To be fair, however, our local airport is a good place to walk the dog.