It’s up to you to shop local

We’ve been reading about and seeing reports that fewer people are visiting-shopping-browsing their local and regional businesses, apparently because of the coronavirus.

We can tell you that a vast majority of businesses in our area — and a growing number at that — are taking significant precautions to protect their shoppers and their employees, despite our local state representative telling people not to comply.

Our responsible businesses understand the risks.

They’re making investment to do the best they can for their customers.

They need your patronage. We collectively need their sweat, investment and strong work ethic to provide opportunity for all of us.

The businesses in our region — whether offering year-round or seasonable products or services — rely on you the consumer to not only make a living, but to enhance our collectively quality of life.

Please, while protecting yourself and others by wearing a mask, get out from in front of that TV, computer or mobile phone and do your part.


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