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Band camp was fun... even with COVID-19


COVID-19 has become a word we’re all used to. We’re also all annoyed by it now, but that really doesn’t matter. We have to make life flow as we go over this bump in the road.

My life has started to continue, and it feels really good. To be specific, the athletic department is allowing sports to meet again (under serious guidelines). And that means the marching band is back in action! We are all under strict guidelines, and our three directors enforce them.

I’m not here to tell you about COVID-19 and how it affects the band. I’m here to tell you how my week went in band, with coronavirus being a factor.

This week was band camp. A roller coaster of heat, sunburn, water and marching band. It’s a learning drill for the shows we perform at football games, and it’s tiring. But, it’s also hilarious and really fun.

Telling our show theme would be spoiling the surprise, but it’s well-known music from before our time, and they’re all really good pieces to play. It’s a little different than last year though. I was a percussionist last year … playing the bass drum. This year, I decided to learn baritone, which is a horn instrument, and it’s way different.

Changing was a really big shift, because I went from crab walking (a way for percussion to get across the field) to pivoting (how horns get across the field). The week was spent with sweat, sunburn, laughter, bad puns, and me trying not to faceplant while pivoting.

While social distancing is a rule that we are following, it doesn’t really affect music rehearsal that much. Chairs being six feet apart, keeping distance when we get out of our chairs, and wearing masks when we aren’t playing or marching are the basic rules. They aren’t really that hard to follow. Band camp is just as fun as it was last year. Especially since I’m not a newbie anymore and know what I’m doing.

We’re all still having a lot of fun, and I hope that one day we get to show our drill to a real audience. Until then, we’ll play it for ourselves, and staff members.

COVID-19 has been a difficult thing for everyone, but there are ways to be safe. I’m glad we can have a safe band season, and that I get to play with the seniors in their last year.


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