Applause, Applause

Each Saturday, The Express community newspaper highlights people, groups and activities our readers deem worthy of applause.

On Sept. 23, my husband and I decided to celebrate our first day of retirement together by heading into our family camp to cut grass. Although the camp sits along the beautiful Susquehanna River, getting to it requires a boat which no one ever does anymore. So we drove until we could off-load our ATV and used that to get to the camp. What a pleasant fall day to take in the changing leaves, fresh air and animals. With grass cut, we headed out. A perfect day soon turned into a harrowing experience when our 4-wheeler struggled to climb the steep and slippery mountain road. Everything was covered in inches of powdery dirt due to lack of rain, combined with the steep hill and loose rocks, and slowing down to navigate a run off ditch, created the perfect storm for what came next. The one front tire raised off the ground and in seconds, our ATV was sliding backwards picking up speed. In slow motion, we were both flying threw the air with the 4-wheeler now above us and rolling. How it didn’t crush us both is still a mystery. Once the world stopped spinning and time returned to normal we realized we were in trouble. My husband was able to get up with nothing seemingly broken and rushed over to me. I was on my back afraid to move with my head bleeding and pain in my spine. Once he was able to find the cell phone and saw that through the cracks it still worked and we actually had a signal, he called for help. Clinton County 911 dispatcher sent out the call. We were in such a remote area that it took about an hour and half for help to arrive, but when it did, it was like watching and listening to a well oiled machine. We couldn’t have asked for better care that day. Not only did my husband and I help each other through the wait to be rescued, we wouldn’t be here without the first responders who answered our call for help. We would like to THANK the following amazing men and women from: Clinton County 911, Goodwill Hose Ambulance, LHFD Citizens Hose, Renovo Fire Deptartment, Renovo Ambulance, Citizens Hose South Renovo, Beech Creek/Blanchard Fire Co. and Ambulance, Pennsylvania State Police and Life Flight (Clearfield.) Fortunately all of our injuries (concussions, cuts, bruises and compression fracture) will heal in time. This freak accident certainly could have been a lot worse if so many hadn’t responded. It is peace of mind to know that when you call 911 for help, you get such amazing, dedicated first responders. We were very lucky and thankful that God still has plans for us.

— Brad and Marchal Rote

A big THANK YOU to the Renovo Borough personnel for acquiring and installing a much appreciated outside bench for Ransdorf Manor renters to sit while waiting to be be picked up by vehicles. Small deeds leave big impacts. May God bless you abundantly in your own tired years. You are our real heroes. THANK YOU again!

— E.H. Zenski


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