Applause, Applause!

THANK YOU to the people who were picking up garbage on their walk in Zindel Park on Sunday, March 28! This is a messy time of year and a little extra effort by everyone goes a long way!

I would like to send APPLAUSE to Anna Dershem. She has helped our family tremendously during the hospitalization and loss of my husband, Richard Winner. Thank you Anna, you are a wonderful friend!

— Trudi Winner

A big THANK YOU to the Lock Haven Jaycees for providing the free ham dinner to the community and thank you to the person who delivered it. It was greatly appreciated!

— C.A. Merrill

A special THANK YOU to Sgt. Terry Banfill for supplying a new flag for our flagpole!

— Goodwill Hose Ambulance Service

Many THANKS from Opera House residents to Miss Rachael McCloskey for bringing treats to the seniors. She did this as her senior project. So nice to see young people reaching out to the seniors. Thanks also to her helpers.

A big APPLAUSE to the Jaycees for the wonderful holiday meals they prepared for seniors. They are truly appreciated. Happy Easter. Many thanks and prayers.

— Opera House Seniors


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