Get on over to the county fair!

The 46th annual Clinton County Fair is underway at the fairgrounds along Route 220, just outside of Mackeyville.

Folks, your attendance at this yearly event is as much about supporting our farms and farmers as it is about eating great food and music and carnival rides.

Agriculture touches everyone in some way, but many people don’t fully appreciate how important it is to America. And, there is a disturbing trend. Every five years a census of the agricultural community and industry is taken. The latest was done in 2017, but those results have not yet been released.

That leaves figures from 2012, and those statistics show that the number of farms continues to decline. Let’s take Clinton County, for example. In 2007 there were 537 farms in Clinton County.

In 2012 that number fell to 469.

We don’t like that trend, yet the 2012 census may just show it’s continuing.

Agriculture — farming — feeds us and, moreover, it is a profession that helps to protect, nourish and strengthen America.

The Clinton County Fair is open every day from now until next Saturday, Aug. 4. Thanks to the many volunteers and participants who organize and run the fair … starting with the Clinton County Fair Association board, farmers and agri-businesses.

Keep up the good (and hard) work.

Oh, the fair gates open each morning and don’t close until dark.

Stop by. There are exhibits, food, music, contests, judging and more.

The fair is as American as apple pie, which will be available at the fair.


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