The less government the better

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One of President Ronald Reagan’s endearing qualities was his constant call for smaller government.

How nice it would be to believe that President Donald Trump’s plan to reorganize the federal government will result in more efficiency and less bureaucratic nonsense.

Most Americans have had enough exposure to federal agencies to believe an improvement has occurred when they see it, however.

Trump and his budget director, Mick Mulvaney, gave Americans a clue of their thinking last week.

Mulvaney termed it a “drain the swamp” campaign.

Full details of the proposal have yet to be revealed.

Part of the plan, they said, is to merge the Education and Labor departments.

Other consolidations and reorganizations will be included, they added.

As an example of the need to inject rational organization into the federal government, Mulvaney told reporters that regulations regarding salmon swimming in the ocean are enforced by the Commerce Department.

Once the salmon head up rivers to spawn, however, they fall under Interior Department control.

And, should they use fish ladders to get around dams or other obstructions, the Army Corps of Engineers is responsible.

“This makes no sense,” Mulvaney suggested.

Who knows how many similar, or even more ridiculous, situations occur in government?


Tens of thousands?


The bureaucrats and their defenders in Congress will put up a stiff, take-no-prisoners fight against the reorganization proposal.

Fortunately, we believe a majority of the American people want smaller government.


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