More timely ice and snow removal would be appreciated

It would have been nice had the City of Lock Haven started plowing the heavily traveled thoroughfares in the business district sooner than five days after last weekend’s storm.

In particular, it would have been nice to send front-end loader to scrape the snow and hard-packed ice in front of storefronts and public buildings.

The Post Office, for one.

We’ve seen — from our location next door — people struggling to park and then get to the Post Office without sacrificing their limbs by having to walk and jump over mounds of ice next to the curb.

Yes, it’s easy to complain.

City crews are busy, for sure.

The crews work hard.

There’s plenty of infrastructure to take care of.

But clearing ice and snow from in front of public buildings along one of the most heavily traveled roads in the region would take just a few hours and would be a good start.

It’s what is expected.

Having said that, a call to city hall on Tuesday gained information that crews would be out salting and pushing snow today — following this morning’s ice — but will formally begin removing ice from curbside Thursday.

People who complain about businesses not shoveling the sidewalks in front of their storefronts need know most small businesses downtown have little staff. And with this recent storm, if you didn’t start clearing before Sunday night when below-zero temperatures hit, you were better off using a pickaxe.