Theft at agency that helps others is sad commentary

How sad it is that people steal from those in need (and in general).

Gifts, yet.

We’re referring to the theft of about $300 in cash and $200 in gift cards from the Salvation Army on Church Street in Lock Haven this week.

Employees showed up to work Wednesday only to find the building broken into, the safe opened and money gone.

The money and gift cards are used to serve those in need.

It sounds like whoever the thief or thieves are, they had been in the building at some point and knew how to gain access without being detected, and where to find the money.

Why do people steal?

Because of selfish reasons, among others.

There are thefts all the time.

What makes the one at the Salvation Army different is that it’s an agency dedicated to helping others.

On most days, you can find a line of people at the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army has become a critical source of food and assistance in the city.

The agency served some 300 families at Christmas.

Yes, 300 families.

It serves 50 to 60 people every day for lunch.

The chapter’s food pantry serves hundreds of people.

Estimates are that the agency’s kitchen at its church in downtown serves some 800 meals a month.

The Salvation Army is a Protestant Christian church and an international charitable organization.

The break in and theft there, we’re sure, resonates with the Salvation Army’s many volunteers and paid staff … and, of course, those who depend on the agency’s kindness and giving.

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to contact Lock Haven City Police at (570) 893-5900.


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