What answers, what response to this rage?

The horrific, senseless shooting in State College last week that left four dead, including the shooter, leaves us all wondering how it could have been avoided … or stopped.

What kind of evil was lurking in the mind of the shooter?

Why did so much hate build in his heart and mind against his reported ex-girlfriend – the lone survivor?

How did that hate grow so much that he allegedly arbitrarily shot strangers reportedly trying to intervene between he and his girlfriend?

Life is a series of choices.

We all know that circumstances are not always on our side.

The shooter, so far as we can tell, served honorably in the U.S. military.

Was it post-traumatic stress syndrome?

We do not like speculating, but the motives and cause must be ascertained as accurately as possible.

We must always work to prevent and treat this violent rage.