Be vigilante about hate crimes no matter where they occur

We are absolutely disgusted by the recent hateful vandalism at The Fallon Hotel in downtown Lock Haven.

We hope city police are treating this despicable act whereby the criminals invoked the Nazi symbol and included other evil words as a hate crime.

We know hate crimes usually involve violence but in this case, what the criminals did was to expose their ignorance and malicious disregard for others … for all law-abiding citizens.

They targeted people who are graciously investing their time and money into the community to improve the quality of life for all.

To the hotel owners: Gentlemen, on behalf of all of the law-abiding, responsible and tolerant citizens who represent a VAST majority here we apologize for this outrageous conduct.

Our community will not and will never tolerate such behavior, we promise you.

A hate crime is a prejudice-motivated crime that occurs when a person or people target a victim or victims because of their race, religion, sexual orientation or on other grounds.

We urge all residents to be vigilante … keep your eyes and ears wide open for any clues to who perpetrated this crime so they can be brought to justice.

If you know anything about this crime — any suspicions about who did it — please call the Clinton County District Attorney’s crime tip hotline at 570-893-4123.

You can also call the city police department’s non-emergency number at 570 893-5911.

Let’s help police catch these offenders.


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