A well-deserved change for Sheriff’s Office

he Clinton County Sheriff’s Office was sometimes a little difficult to find.

That was mostly due in part to their location in the basement of the county Courthouse.

That’s all changed now, however, with the department’s latest move to the first floor of the historic downtown building.

This investment of taxpayer money to move the agency and provide for renovated space is money well spent, in our opinion.

The Sheriff’s Office provides critical services, shuttling prisoners to and from the courts and prison, serving warrants and civil process, and providing security to the courthouse, Garden Building and county government building near the William T. Piper Memorial Airport.

Recently we had the opportunity to visit the offices after requesting an interview with Sheriff Kerry Stover.

Stover was more than happy to find the earliest time to meet and give a tour to The Express.

From a one-room area with four smaller offices to three larger, connected offices, it’s a breath of fresh air compared to the cramped space this law-enforcement agency used to occupy.

The difference between the two spaces are like night and day.

While one is underground with gray walls and barely any natural light, the other is bright and clean with freshly painted walls with blue trim, highlighting the office’s pride in its staff and mission, as well as law enforcement in general.

A large Law Enforcement Thin blue Line American Flag decorates the deputies’ office space, hand painted by Stover and his daughter, Kara, showing the care he has for his department’s new home.

One is farther from the public while the other just a short walk from the main entrance of the courthouse.

And the department is using this to its advantage.

Stover, his deputies and office staff are more accessible than ever.

Asking for a concealed carry permit is as easy is walking a few feet to the office’s new service window and speaking with some of the staff.

And the sheriff’s own office is only two doors down, although it is locked at all times, making it easier to find him than before.

It’s a well deserved change, one we feel was long overdue for the hardworking department.


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