Give walkers time to cross intersections

Walking the streets and intersections in other communities, then coming to downtown Lock Haven and doing the same has revealed something we believe needs to change … or at least be addressed.

Why do the traffic lights in downtown Lock Haven reveal the “Walk” symbol at the same time the lights turn green to vehicles versus having traffic in all directions face red lights while pedestrians can “Walk” to cross the street?

In other words, unlike motorists, pedestrians are not given exclusive time to cross intersections at traffic light intersections downtown.

Can that be changed?

It’s confusing to pedestrians … we’ve seen it and experienced it.

Sure, some may find this a trivial matter. But it really is a safety issue.

This is not a criticism, only a suggestion.

And we suggest other communities with the same protocols on their traffic lights to consider a change, too.

It will slow motorists down and we all know that’s something we need to see more of.

In many other communities, when traffic lights show “Walk,” traffic must remain stopped in front of a red light until the “Walk” sign disappears or turns red.

We think this is a valid change to consider.

On the very positive side, Lock Haven has quality streets. The general condition of roads in our area are good, especially compared to, for example, northeastern Pennsylvania.

We appreciate, in fact, the repainting of parking markers and crosswalks in the city.

Believe us, there are many communities that struggle to fill potholes and repave when conditions are very deteriorated.

Meanwhile, we’re glad to seen the continued use of stand-alone, on-street crosswalk signs on Main Street (and at Lock Haven University) that give pedestrians the right-of-way — and also slow down motorists.

They make for a more friendly experience.


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