We the People

First Quality’s Kambiz Damaghi likes to use the word “humble” a lot to describe himself and his family when he speaks here before the business community.

There was no exception to that before a sold-out crowd Tuesday night at the Clinton County Economic Partnership’s annual dinner on the campus of Lock Haven University.

Kambiz and his family founded First Quality in 1989, starting the business in a simple shell building in the Clinton County Industrial Park.

His target was to employ 25 people.

He talked about how there was failure before there was success.

Today — 30 years later — FQ employs 4,300 people worldwide and has sales of $3 billion by manufacturing health-care and personal hygiene products for retailers, consumers and commercial industries.

A very grateful Kambiz started his powerful oratory by talking about how the Founding Fathers of America were geniuses because, with three simple words — We the People — they gave ownership, authority, opportunity, freedom and so much more to Americans.

In many third-world countries, he said, the governments own the wealth and assets.

Indeed, he talked about how the people in third-world countries have no concept or understanding of and no hope for many things that Americans take for granted.

He said Americans should take their children to third-world countries to see first-hand so that they develop an appreciation and humbleness for what they have in this nation.

And over and over, he talked about how “the people” are the ones who give success to First Quality and deserve the credit, just as they nurture their families and their communities. Being able to provide opportunity to “simple people” is a blessing, he said.

The Damaghis are a very private family and we, those who work for and do business with them, very much respect that.

But we feel everyone needs to hear his message.


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