You must say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ first

It’s probably safe to assume most people today know who “Alexa” is.

If not, well “she” is that little speaker — known as a “virtual assistant” in the world of technology — that you buy from Amazon, put in your home or office and sync to your Wi-Fi and Amazon accounts to connect her to the World Wide Web.

You talk to “Alexa” to ask … for example … that she play your favorite song or songs.

Or she’ll tell you the current weather.

Or she’ll answer a trivia question.

Or she’ll tell you the latest national news.

Or … she can answer almost any question you throw at her, provided the information is available on the internet. (You’d better hope it’s accurate.)

So in the midst of using Alexa in this world where more people have less respect for others and in regard to their own behavior, a retired local educator made this suggestion to us: That Amazon not allow Alexa to answer any questions or provide any information unless the actual human asking uses the words “please” and “thank you.”

That idea may seem trivial or stupid to some people, but it sure could teach more of us, especially our young people, to be more polite.

That’s a good (and needed) thing!

Thank you.


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