History and politics

We love when good history is made.

It’s a sign, we believe, of progress and the inevitable … change.

In the case of Angela Harding becoming the first woman to hold a seat as a Clinton County commisioner, we say it’s about time.

Congratulations to her, to the voters and to all candidates who made some history in the recent election.

Politics, you should all know, isn’t fun.

Candidates who seek office must put themselves through a rigorous, exhausting, expensive and (sadly) often punishing derision by voters.

While social media has given voice to those previously in the dark, it also has contributed to unfair rancor … and way too much of it.

It takes a thick skin to run for offices of high profile.

But it also takes a huge dose of humility … and that’s a good thing for any human being.

Humility breeds character.

It teaches you how to shed the useless and focus on what’s right and good.

It motivates you to be self-effacing, to see drama for what it is.

We remind you: We’re talking about politics.

On the national level our politics have turned into a circus, thus the majority of citizens’ frustration and anger over the establishment.

As the dictionary says, politics is the “science or art of political government,” and “the practice or profession of conducting political affairs.”

But our definition would be more like: The motivation to serve the public good.

It should be that simple.


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