Thank you to our women and men in blue

We were incredulous to read a reactive comment on social media to The Express community newspaper’s story this past week on the City of Lock Haven hiring and swearing in three new police officers.

The comment — by a woman, mind you — made a negative remark about female police officers.

We only bring attention to the remark so as to brand it as nonsense (and that’s being polite.)

We sometimes wonder about what comes out of some people’s mouths.

We’ll leave that debate to another day.

Here … now … we want to commend both the City of Lock Haven and Lock Haven University for their new police/public safety officers.

Last Monday night, Lock Haven Mayor Joel Long swore in Officers Cynthia Griffin, Gage Fischer and Joseph Katalinas as the newst members of the Lock Haven Police Department.

This after the city appointed its first female chief of police, Kristin Smith, in September 2018.

Also recently, Lock Haven University recognized Eryn Suttle Vaughn as its newest female officer.

Vaugh, of Fredericksburg, Va., graduated from Mansfield University’s Municipal Police Academy before joining LHU.

Eryn’s comments upon being sworm in by District Judge Keith Kibler are worth republishing here.

“I was drawn to LHU because I have a good understanding of modern social issues the students face every day; I want to do whatever I can to benefit the community and saw an opportunity to do so at the university,” Vaughn said. “I think the campus is beautiful with the surrounding mountains and the Susquehanna River running alongside.”

Please, if you see any of these men and women — and any of our men and women in blue — police wave to them.

And by chance if you see them in person, thank them for putting themselves out there to protect and serve their fellow citizens.

It’s the least we can do.


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