This must be our new slogan: Make more on-shore

We’re angry as hell over China’s lack of environmental and health regulations to help protect its own citizens and to help prevent all of us from diseases such as the coronavirus, or COVID-19.

The United States is far too reliant on the Chinese and its communist government for everyday products.

If the coronavirus/COVID-19 is not a wake-up call to private businesses to start manufacturing more critical and consumer products in the United States, then nothing is.

Heck, we’d love to see our own First Quality start manufacturing medical masks and gowns that some say are flying off the shelves amid the spread of this virus.

FQ already is in the hygiene and consumer products business with an outstanding track record and manufacturing expertise.

Just go to most any big box store and look on the shelves.

What do you see?

A lot of products “Made in China.”

Come on. American manufacturing companies must think more about quality than price.

More importantly, consumers must do the same.

Consumers have the power over manufacturing in our great nation.

What we buy, they will make.

If we buy cheap stuff from overseas, they’ll keep importing it.

For example, research shows that 90% of all footwear under $100 at retail are coming out of China.

Companies making and selling retail products must diversify their supply chains.

Large portions of the Chinese economy have been effectively shut down in recent weeks as the coronavirus outbreak grew, sending financial ripple effects across the globe.

Many large tech companies are warning about impacts to their businesses … and to us.

Here’s our new slogan: Make more on-shore.

And yes, the situation of a lack of products made on-shore in the U.S. has become life-threatening.

Shaving a few dollars off the cost to consumers of some medicines — and yes, padding profits on their sale — have led many U.S. drug companies to rely on overseas manufacturers for the products.

Last week, the truth of warnings against such dependence was proven. U.S. public health officials reported a certain drug — which they would not identify — has become scarce in this country because of manufacturing difficulties in China. The trouble is linked to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Food and Drug Administration officials had asked 180 drug companies to monitor their operations, including supplies from overseas, for potential shortages. About 20 drugs obtained exclusively from China are the focus, FDA officials said — again without identifying the products.

Chinese manufacturers are just as interested as U.S. drug companies in profit, of course. The conclusion is that something related to the COVID-19 outbreak made it unavoidable for the Chinese producer to keep up with demand.

But as has been pointed out, reliance on foreign manufacturers for many products consumed by Americans could be a problem should Washington’s relations with those nations go sour. The COVID-19-related shortage reinforces that warning.

Certain products, including life-saving medicines, simply cannot be turned over to foreign suppliers in any country.

Some backup system of manufacturing needs to be available, possibly in the form of mothballed but well-maintained production equipment. U.S. officials should be looking into that.

It’s time to wake up!


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