Labor Day at a time when there’s a real labor shortage

It’s Labor Day 2021, more than 125 years after the first such legal holiday was declared in 1894 to be the first Monday of every September to “celebrate the working class.”

Labor — and strong work ethic — perhaps have never been as important in our country than since World War II,

That’s because there’s a labor shortage in our nation.

Some call it a critical labor shortage.

The COVID pandemic has changed things … people.

Many left the work force, and not by choice.

We need them back.

Our collective need to rise up and get to work — to manufacture more goods inside of our great nation — is crucial so we can better take care of ourselves, pandemic or no pandemic.

Isn’t that the lesson we’ve learned?

Sadly, many of the goods U.S. consumers buy are manufactured overseas … namely, China.

“Make More On Shore” is our slogan.

We cannot do that unless a majority of those citizens able to work do so — and are given the opportunity to work … grow and flourish.

Come on, America.

The traditions of our parents and grandparents and those before them — you know, the ones who sacrificed the most so their kids could have more — deserve our undying respect, commitment and work ethic.


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