People seem to be confused by what is going on with President Donald Trump and the Russians.

One of the paranoid delusions of the alt-right, based on a 1973 French novel, “The Camp of the Saints,” is that non-whites from Africa and south Asia are invading Europe and America under the guise of being refugees or immigrants; they will destroy our culture and replace it with their own.

Steve Bannon is a long-time proponent of this. He sees immigration and refugees as a holy war between Christianity and Islam. To win this war, they believe that we need to ally with white Europeans and Russians. They see Russia as an important ally in this holy war and may be willing to let them have Eastern Europe to secure this alliance. Russia is not our friend. “The Camp of the Saints” is a work of fiction, and Donald’s kowtowing to the Russians is a dangerous delusion that could strengthen the Russian plutocrats and result in a divided Europe and a new Cold War.