Our state highway workers


Trout Run

The part of our state government that takes care of our roads and bridges has a huge job to do because our state is among the top states both in miles of roads and number of bridges. We also are a northern state, which means winter weather snow to plow and freezing and thawing that is harder on the road surface.

Because of all this, the state tax on gasoline was increased to pay for this responsibility.

While no one likes increased taxes, we do like to drive on well-maintained roads.

I was reminded of all of this recently when maintenance work was done on a portion of the road through Rose Valley, where we live. While there are many joking remarks made by the public about state road workers, I saw very little to talk about: The work was very professionally done.

When it was over, the woody growth along both banks had been cut back, all the rusty pipes underneath the road were replaced with long lasting plastic, ditches were cleaned, two layers of pavement laid, and — most impressive — our old wooden posts and rusty steel cables along the edge of a steep drop off were replaced with new steel posts and a wide steel rail. This roadway will now be in first-class condition for many years.

I have gained a new-found respect for our hard working Pennsylvania state highway workers. My thanks to all of them!